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The Mall on Black Friday: Not Worth It

The Mall on Black Friday: Not Worth It

Black Friday is known for the disruptions they cause amongst shoppers. Photo by Julianna Parrish.

   Screaming girls, fights, and people by the masses with a whisper of holiday music in the background at 1:00 AM can only mean one thing: Black Friday.

   One spot in particular makes me uneasy just by the thought of it. Filled with stores that only last as long at their trends, the Battlefield Mall is a hot spot on Black Friday, but I would not recommend going there if you are looking for jaw-dropping deals.

   I have gone to the mall on Black Friday for the past three years. It was a tradition I started with some friends because we thought we could buy expensive clothes for cheap prices. Boy, were we wrong. The only reason why we continued to go were to amuse ourselves watching middle-aged women fight.

   I am not saying that stores don’t have any special sales, but many stores only have buy one get one. If you wait until February or even January, the same stores will have even lower prices on clothing.

   So if you want to spend time with friends and enjoy people watching, go ahead and go to the mall at midnight. But if you are looking to buy clothes for almost no cost, Black Friday isn’t the day to do it.

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