Movies have gotten to grow stale. I’m tired of seeing sequels, series, and spinoffs. I want more original ideas, I want movies like Zootopia and Get Out. Both are wildly different, but benefit from the refreshing feeling of being a new experience. Sure, everybody loves to watch the new Marvel movie, and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s when all we get are new Marvel movies that fit into the cinematic universe that I have problems with. I understand the economic risk that comes with creating new films. Studios often would rather take the very safe option of making Transformers 94, but most of the original movies to come out in the last couple of years have been huge successes. Disney Pixar’s Coco finished with an enormous success finishing with a 789 million gross world wide total. The risk of unique movies is worth it, people latch onto anything that is new. I believe that the average movie gower is becoming more and more burnout with the same old movies over and over again. The rest of Hollywood needs to follow the Animation and horror generes. Those to generes have had the greatest amount of innovation, with the smashing success of Zootopia, the previously mentioned Coco. The horror genre has had the Oscar winning Get Out. All of these films have had three things working for them an original concept, willingness to take risks, and they were done well. That last point is obviously important to all movies, but most of the Marvel movies are done really well and they are a part of a series. It’s the originality that gives film makers a passion that I believe produces great movies. Pixar’s movies are always good and I believe it’s because of the passion that they cultivate among their film makers. They take their time and never go ahead with a movie unless they are truly happy with it. It’s this dedication too quality and originality that Hollywood has lost in recent years. A risk averse Hollywood will never be able to create great movies. As cliche as it is the old saying with great risk comes with great rewards  is really true.

garrett peck, Opinion Editor

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