Kelli’s Cars of the Quarter
Jake Young, Ryan Hunter, Nathan Hardison, and Brenden Goodman

Make, Model, Year

2002 Mercury Sable 



Where did you get it?

“Ryan found the car on Facebook Marketplace for $450. It was in pretty bad shape: the passenger side mirror was dangling, the windshield was cracked, the passenger side window was glued in place because it didn’t work, and we had to replace a tail light. The backseats were really torn up and we didn’t want to put more backseats there so we put a mattress in it instead. We spray painted the roof, trunk and doors. The car was originally all white.”

Favorite thing about car?

“Probably the exhaust. We took it to a shop, had the exhaust taken off, and we had it side pipped. Which is when the pipe is going out the side of the car instead of the back. 

Another thing is the stickers. There’s probably 1500 stickers. They came in bulk of about 200 from Amazon. It took a long time to put all the stickers on it.”

Best memory

“The first night we actually worked on it, we had like six of our friends over to Jake’s house, and we cut off the muffler. It sat in Jake’s garage until like January because we didn’t want to work on it while it was cold.”

Kelli Volonte, Business Manager

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