Final Stress

Maya Hernandez , Reporter May 14, 2021

   School almost out, meaning that finals are right around the corner. Finals week can be stressful and overwhelming. Disorganization is the main source of stress. Misplacing notes, assignments, and...

Freshman Elise Pope poses with her salted caramel and coffee flavored
frozen yogurt, topped with chocolate chips and chopped peanuts.

Dating on a Budget

Dates don't have to be expensive.
Maya Hernandez , Reporter May 7, 2021

   Coming up with ideas for fun dates without spending too much money can be a challenge, especially during a global pandemic. Here are some fun date ideas and locations that won’t break the bank and...

The Dreadful Bathroom Rule

Maya Hernandez , Reporter March 9, 2021

   Students should be able to use the restroom whenever they want. It’s only natural to need a bathroom break and unfortunately the urge sometimes comes within the first 20 minutes of class and the...

Environmental Club Is Back

Maya Hernandez , Reporter March 5, 2021

The Environmental Club is up and running. Being back four days a week has allowed the Environmental Club to start meeting once again. The club is meeting on Thursdays after school in room S101. "It is...

Boys’ Golf Starts Their Season

Maya Hernandez , Reporter March 5, 2021

After three days of tryouts, Boy's Golf finally has their 16 member team for this year. The first 3 days of March were spent narrowing down the team in order to fill in the empty spots. The players' abilities...