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Miles From home

Mario Hackney, Reporter

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A handful of foreign exchange students come to Kickapoo every year. Students learn about their culture and hear about their life stories. However, these students have paid to come here and have worked hard to get here.

   Some of these students have put an extra year of high school on their careers just to come here and experience what it’s like to be an American.

   “I wanted to have a new experience, try new things and learn about America.” Danish exchange student Karna said.

   All of them have one thing in common, leaving their families behind in order to come and enjoy the American lifestyle.

   “I’m too close to my family and friends. I have a good life in Brazil. Nobody likes to get out of their comfort zone but I like my experiences here.”
Joao Silvia said.

Some haven’t had the easiest time while being here. 
   “I had to switch host homes because of money problems. It has worked out really well though. I like my new host family just as much as the other,” Silvia said.

   Most of them feel like the experience was worth it.

   “My life in America has been awesome. I  have so many sweet food that I can’t eat in Brazil.  In Brazil they don’t serve doughnuts or Mountain Dew here I can have both whenever I want” Silvia said.
   Currently Kickapoo has seven foreign exchange students. Most have participated in some sport such as  wrestling, soccer, swim, and track.

“I have always wanted to be an exchange student and I choose America because I just wanted to get as far away as possible” Junior Karna Jensen said.

“After I joined the wrestling team I’ve been sore everyday it sucks but at least, I know I’m getting stronger” Junior Joao Silvia said.  Photo courtesy of Lily Ragsdale

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Miles From home