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10 Years From Now

Skylr Houzenga

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“I hope to be an anesthesiologist or a baby doctor,” freshman Jalyn McClean said.

“Hopefully with a wife, a little boy and working as a Business Executive. Just happy and living the dream,” sophomore Jacob Holman said.

“In ten years, I see myself about to graduate from med school, married, and excited to start a family,” sophomore Harlow Klein said.

“I see myself starting my career and maybe even some traveling. I plan on living close to home so I can be close to my family. I’m interested to see wherever life will take me and I can’t wait to make the best of it,” junior Emily Basnett saild

“Definetly on a beach with lots of dogs,” senior Claire Loethen said.
Photo courtesy of Katie Beth Nicoles

“ I want to be caring for patients as a nurse. I also want to have a family of my own,” senior Allie Carder said.

“Pitching for the St. Louis Cardinals,” senior Adam Link said.

“Living in an apartment and working as a middle school music teacher,” freshman Avery Serafini said.

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10 Years From Now