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17 Small Things for the Class of 2017

Magdelaine Mueller, Reporter

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  1. $10 to $40 dollar concerts are the best concerts.


  1. Coming home late at night to the comfort of your own bed is the greatest feeling.


  1. Genuinely complimenting a stranger makes them and you feel good.


  1. Decisions made on a whim can turn out to be some of the best decisions.


  1. Going on road trips by yourself can be relaxing.


  1. But so can going with a group of friends.


  1. 9 out of 10 people do not find love on Tinder.


  1. Classic novels can be a bore, but they are always worth the read.


  1. Watching the occasional bad film allows you to appreciate the good ones.


  1. Going alone does not mean you will be lonely.


  1. It is necessary to laugh at your own jokes.


  1. Sometimes you feel unwelcome in your own life.


  1. It’s ok to have your own Bridget Jones moment, or several of them.


  1. Only a few sounds can top the music that dances through the speakers of a record player.


  1. You can do the Macarena successfully to any song.


  1. Crummy concert venues are the coolest concert venues.


  1. Sometimes sitting with a tub of Ben & Jerry while watching a romantic comedy can fix all of life’s problems.
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17 Small Things for the Class of 2017