Easy on the Eyes: Diana’s Fashion Predictions for 2018

Diana's fashion predictions for 2018

Diana Dudenhoeffer, News Editor

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1. Sheer Sunglasses

    Oh, sorry! I didn’t see you there. I was too busy MMMMBLOCKING out the haters!   Taking those dorky hipster glasses that you bought in the seventh grade and giving them new life is what this new trend is all about.  Sheer clothes are in, so it only makes sense that they’d sneak their way into eyewear as well.  Since they’re sheer and totally see-through, they act as a perfect new lens to spice up the dull, overdone hipster glasses statement.

2.Fishnet Jeans

   Ripped jeans with fishnet tights layered underneath are cute, but we can do better.  Simplify the look by taking out the middleman: it only makes sense that fashion gurus of 2018 will wise up and have the jeans BE the fishnets!  Cut a diamod pattern out of your jeans to achieve the ultimate fishnet jeans look.

3.Off-shoulder Turtleneck

   It’s so frustrating trying to find a balance between the cozy, comfy feeling of a turtleneck and the trendy, stylish look of an off-the-shoulder top.  But 2018 has you covered—on your neck, of course.  New hybrid technology allows for the best of both worlds!  Enjoy your shoulders getting a little breeze while your neck stays warm and safe!  What a time to be alive!

4.Low-high Skirt

   High-low skirts are SO last year! Wearing them sideways instead to show off those killer calves is certainly going to become one of next year’s hottest trends.  And there’s another plus: you can save time getting ready in the morning because you don’t have to shave both of your legs!

5.Unrelatable T-shirt 

   There’s a modern fashion paradox taking place, and it’s so frustrating.  Everybody loves those relatable T-shirts, but everybody also cares about being one-of-a-kind.  How can we be unique and relatable at the same time?  We can’t.  That’s why unrelatable T-shirts are going to be the biggest, hottest thing in 2018.  Wearing a shirt that only applies to you is beneficial to everybody: It lets everyone around know what they’re dealing with, and you’ll never show up at a party wearing the same thing as somebody else!

6.Bell-sleeve Bracelets 

   Bell sleeve bracelets will make sure that no poor, unfashionable soul is stuck wearing a top without bell sleeves.  This versatile trend is the perfect addition to any shirt to instantly make it fancier, flowy-er, and overall better.  Available in black and Millenial black.

7.Fringe Headband

   Tassels and fringe have wiggled their way into every single aspect of fashion after making a long-awaited return since their hayday  in the 70s.  From shoes to bags to entire dresses, you can find them just about anywhere.  The newest and hottest thing in the upcoming year will be taking those tassels and putting them to good use.  Cutting strips of fabric from a headband will effectively cover your face when you’re having an ugly day and let everyone know that you’re hip with the newest trends at the same time.

8.Millennial Black Dress

   It’s definitely not grey.  And it’s not just regular black.  It’s millennial black. There’s a difference. Phooey with millennial pink! That muted, blush pink color is so last year.  A muted, blush-y black is what’s hot!  It’s not grey, though.  It’s called millennial black.


*As far as I know, the model does not necesarily have a UTI.

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Easy on the Eyes: Diana’s Fashion Predictions for 2018