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Mr. Blackburn’s first block Portfilio class is the highest level art class available. Students have been working hard to produce remarkable work.

Diana Dudenhoeffer, News Editor

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Rayann Seigel (12)

Oil on matboard

“I wanted to show that even something so dismal can have beauty in it, and that there is life after death.”

Violet Tinsley (12)

Ink and watercolor on cold press watercolor paper

   “I really love geishas, so I wanted to draw a geisha.  I thought that Ashiyah’s art style would be great for a piece like this.”

Aly Bates (12)

Oil on masonite (pressed wood fibers)

(18” X 24”)

   “I have curly hair, and growing up I  would   straighten and dye it to change my appearance.   I wanted to show that sometimes  people  hide  behind   their hair   or are ashamed by it.”

Laura Owens (11)

Multimedia on cardstock

    “The prompt for the project was that we had to use a medium that we’ve never used before.  Me and my friends have this game:  Whenever we hear something, we say it sounds like the name of a band.  It’s a really fun game, and that’s kind of where this idea came from.”

Jennie Ngo (12)

Acrylic (right) and paint swatches on matboard

   “This was a little color exercise that we did.  We cut out color swatches to match the true colors of the photograph and tried to mix paints to match the swatches.  It was important to know how to mix colors in order to make harmony in the piece.”

Haley Diggs (12)

work in progress acrylic on matboard

“What inspired me was working with color.  I love mixing colors, and I wanted to be able to show every aspect of the color wheel.   I wanted to show a human face, but something a little off about it.  She shows signs of being in distress, but everything around her is beautiful.”

Esther Lee (12)

Work in progress gouache on matboard (10 1/2” X 14)”

“If you look closely, you’ll notice that there are insects lightly penciled in. The butterfly on the left represents life and happiness, and the moth on the right represents reincarnation and being reborn.  There’s beauty in ugliness—some people see death as bad, but you can be reborn after death.”

Andrew Paxson (12)

Regionalist watercolor on cold press illustration board (20” X 30”)

   “I was originally trying to communicate that we are falling out of touch with the traditional American life, like hard work and values. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s a shame that the only value of place like this is a photo on a roadtrip.”

Alyssa Metzger (11)

Multimedia on grey paper

  “I remember learning to draw for the first time and taking lessons and getting the mind’s words on paper.  These were the first drawings that made me want to try harder and pursue art.”

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