Touchy Subjects

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Cassidy Littlewood, Business Manager

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Kate Buckley

“I know that you’re supposed to respect everyone’s political views, but I find that very difficult to do when everyone around me is wrong.”

Bryce Cole

“I’m tired of people catergorizing others based on their political affiliation. This creates a disconnect between making progessive change and pointless arguing. People should form their opinions and beliefs independent of where it places them on the political spectrum.”

Andrew Iram

“I believe that it is our civil liberties to arm ourselves not only for our protection in our everyday lives but protect our other rights such as freedom of speech and that they will not be taken away and uphold liberty at all times.”

Garren Shelley

“Nothing’s gonna change until we can access the problem and that takes effort from both sides. Racial inequality, acts of prejudice, and systematic injustices have always been prevalent. Unless you’re willing to talk about it and have those awkward conversations, you’re gonna have another 12 year old that gets hung from a tree. Racism isn’t just an issue of what you think in your mind, but what you believe in your heart.”

Jacob Holman

“I don’t believe that President Trump’s Twitter should be his stance on political views. It’s immature and makes him seem less credible.”

Ana Torres

“People from other countries should come with a visa because there are other people who come and are doing it the right way. If everyone wants the same opportunities then they should do it legally. Those who are illegal should be deported and should not have the same opportunities, the ones who have worked hard deserve those benefits. It shouldn’t be fair for illegals to have their way so easily.”

Quin McCurry

“I feel like teachers should be allowed to have guns. It would have been able to stop the Sandy Hook shooting, a lot less people would have died.”

Teddi Riddle

“There are 33,000 deaths from firearms but 600,000 from abortions. People are complaing about gun control when guns really aren’t as big of an issue as abortion.”

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