Students Share Backpack Contents

If you're nosy and wonder what people have been lugging around in their bags, then all your questions have been answered.

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Students Share Backpack Contents

Diana Dudenhoeffer, News Editor

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73.5% of us have a computer or phone charger.

75.6% of students have a water bottle on them.  Hydration is important!

23% of students have mints and 53% have gum.

60.5% of students reported having chap stick in their bags and 17.2% have makeup.

32% of kids have lotion stored in their bag.

26.4% of students carry an SD card or flash drive.

45.3% of students keep deodorant with them.  Gotta smell good!

67% of students have food with them for snack time and lunch.

15% of students have a hairbrush for when they’re having a bad day.

39.9% of us have our keys with us.

Only 11.3% of students are prepared with a dongle  (iPhone earbud adapter).

66.8% of us have money in our bags.   I  wonder how many thousands of dollars enter and exit the building every day.

24.3% of students reported having hand sanitizer, which is important, especially in flu season.

75.2% of kids have books in their backpacks.  How studious!


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