Tattoos Of Kickapoo

Gabrianna Schmidt, Reporter

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Ashlee Atnip (12)

– Got her tattoo November of 2017

-No real meaning. “It looked really nice to me,” Atnip said.

-Pain scale : 7 or 8 out of 10

-Future tattoos: “I want to get the constellation of my zodiac on my arm,” Atnip said.



Zachary Pearson (12)

-Got his tattoo July 20, 2017

-Meaning: “The meaning of the tattoo is I came, I saw, I conquered in latin,” Pearson said.

-Pain scale: 2 out of 10

-Future tattoos: “I’m gonna be getting covered. Sleeves, chest piece, legs, back and ribs,” Pearson said



Jasmine Padron (12) 

-Got her tattoo a few days after her 18th birthday.

-Meaning: “It means love yourself in Spanish. I think that self love is incredibly important,”  Padron said.

Pain scale: 1 out of 10 “It was just a weird sensation” Padron said. 

Future tattoos: None.



Charli Cole (11)

-Got her tattoo August of 2017

– Meaning: “I got it with my mom and it has a religious meaning,” Cole said.

Pain scale: 7 out of 10

Future tattoos: “I want to get a tiny rose on my hip. I also want roman numerals of the day i got baptized,” Cole said.



Auvione Weatherspoon (9)

-Got his tattoo when he was nine years old.

-Meaning: The rose was for his aunt Kelly who passed away.

-Pain scale: 1 out of 10

-Future tattoos: “I want a tattoo on my chest that says family first,” Weatherspoon said.






Natalia Padron (11)

-Got her tattoo October 13, 2017.

-Meaning: “It was my grandpa’s favorite flower, and mine as well.” Padron said. 

-Pain scale: 4 out of 10

Future tattoos: “I’m gonna add onto the rose and have it going down my leg,” Padron said.

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