Beat Of The Drum

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Beat Of The Drum

Alex Southard and his beloved drums.

Alex Southard and his beloved drums.

Alex Southard and his beloved drums.

Alex Southard and his beloved drums.

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Nothing gets an assembly going like our drumline.  Our drumline is one of the most appreciated sport of the arts we have at the school.

   The energy they bring to the gym every assembly  is what many students look forward to. The crowd always gets the loudest when you hear that first sound of a drum come from the hallway.

   Senior Alex Southard has been in drumline for six years.   

   “I started playing in sixth grade, but I didn’t really start taking it seriously until I got into high school. But now it’s my life,” Southard said.

   Southard’s skill is shown at assemblies for everyone to see.

   “We play some groovy cadence stuff for assemblies because it’s super fun and everyone loves it,” he said.

   But there is much more to drumline then what is seen at an assembly.

   “Competition is a whole other world,” Southard said.

   The amount of time spent getting ready for competition is monumental compared to assemblies.

   “It takes months to master a show. We perform on a big tarp while playing amazing music, running, and dancing,” Southard said.

   While performing at assemblies and  competitions is fun, Southard’s favorite thing about drumline is the social aspect.

   “The best part about drumline is making memories and the people I’ve met. In these last four years I have made many friends that I will remember forever,” he said.

   Southard plans to continue his drumline career after high school.

   “ I plan to march for Missouri State, and eventually tryout for Gateway Indoor,” Southard  said.

   Gateway Indoor is a percussion group out of St. Louis that competes nationally.

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