The Pulsera Project

Our Kickapoo Spanish Club celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month by selling over 150 pulsera bracelets.

These are the tags of the pulsera bracelets, showcasing the creators.

   For Hispanic Heritage Month, our Kickapoo Spanish Club ran the Pulsera Project at school, selling roughly 150 bracelets in total.

   The Pulsera Project is a nonprofit organization with the intent of supporting Central American artists and spreading their culture throughout U.S. schools.

   They do this by selling handmade bracelets created by Guatemalan and Nicaraguan artists and sending all the profits back to them. This supports the creators and brings awareness to Hispanic heritage during their month.

   Hispanic Heritage Month is from September 15th to October 15th, in which the Kickapoo Spanish Club set up flyers around the school to spread the word about the bracelets they sell to support the Pulsera Project.

   Junior and Spanish Club representative Kylie LaPointe has a few words on the Pulsera Project and what makes the club so special to her during this month.

   “I’ve always just loved Spanish and learning languages. I just wanted to help with the club in any way that I could,” LaPointe said.

Taking part in Spanish Club activities is a big deal for LaPointe, especially with the heightened amount of opportunities to spread the word about Spanish culture throughout Hispanic Heritage Month.

We talked about the lives of the people in Nicaragua and Guatemala and just how selling the bracelets affects them. I really enjoyed telling people about it. Getting the news out there, having those experiences with people, and getting to teach them about how it really helps those in Nicaragua and Guatemala,” LaPointe said. 

   The Pulsera Project began in 2009 and spread nationwide, selling over a million pulseras over the years, and raising more than five million dollars. Kickapoo High School contributing to this amount during Hispanic Heritage Month is an honor and this is all thank you to our Spanish Club.

These are designs of some of the pulsera bracelets.