Travel Takes Education Beyond the Classroom

Tyra Bradshaw, Reporter

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This and the following year will be full of opportunities for student’s and teachers to travel both in and out of the country.

Economics and Liberty and Law teacher Jennifer Wells took a trip to Washington D.C for the inauguration with 18 students. They left January 18, the trip lasted a total of 6 days.

“This was a once in a lifetime trip. We got to witness an inauguration, a swearing in of a new President of the United States, something that has only happened 58 times in our nation’s history,” Wells said.

Wells went on to describe how the trip affected her.

“For me, it brought my classroom to life. I teach about the concepts of democracy and our government every day, so to bring a group of kids to our nation’s capital and have them experience those things firsthand was priceless,” Wells said.

Spanish teacher Jessica Stennett will be leaving for Costa Rica on July 8. Rainforest tours, time at the beach, eating and cooking authentic dishes, dancing and much more will happen on this eight day excursion. Anyone is invited on the trip. The deadline to sign up is in April.

“It is an amazing cultural experience and a great way to have exposure to both Spanish and Science,” Stennett said.

French teacher Carole Ogden, will be taking a trip to France this year, and in 2018 is going to Canada. The trip to France will last12 days long. The students and Ogden will be leaving on June 5. Anyone who wants to go on the trip to France had to be signed up by February. The deadline for the 9 day long trip to Canada will be next year.

“Traveling outside the country is a way to learn about other people and cultures. With regards to my French students, it’s a great opportunity to use the language they are learning and dive into the culture,” Ogden said.

Vocal music teacher Nathan Cornelius will be going to Chicago and Italy this year. There will be 32 Chamber Choir students leaving with him on March 30 for the trip to Chicago. The trip to Chicago will be 4 days and the trip to Italy will be 10 days. 54 advanced choir students will be going to Italy with Cornelius on July 1.

“The trip to Italy is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Students will be performing in the Cathedral of Francis of Assisi and St. Peters in the Vatican. The chances of doing this on their own, or even meeting someone else who has, are almost zero,” Cornelius said.

Speech and Debate teacher Marc Baney will be going to China this summer and in 2018 Italy and Greece. There are no requirements for going on the trip.

“In China we will be going to a Kung-Fu show and get to learn some, too. We will also be bicycling on the Great Wall of China and get to see the Terracotta Army. For Italy and Greece, we will be seeing the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum and the Parthenon. We will also be visiting many Greek temples of gods and goddesses while on a cruise of the Greek Islands and explore the catacombs beneath Rome,” Baney said.

The deadline to sign up to go to China is at the end of March. Italy and Greece will be open for sign up until spring of 2018, but the monthly payments are lower and students get discounted prices the sooner they sign up. Those going on these trips will see many famous landmarks.

“Any interested student, they do not have to be a speech and debate student or even a Kickapoo student; we have even had parents come on our trips,” Baney said.

Baney went on to describe that nothing compares to traveling aboard.

“You will meet people and experience cultures that are very different from ours, making you appreciate what we take for granted and it also gives you a global mindset,” Baney said.

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Travel Takes Education Beyond the Classroom