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Graphics Two Revamps the “Ghettoliscious” Food Truck

Mickayla Reasoner, Business Manager

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The past two months, Brian DeClue and his graphic design 2 students have been stepping outside of the classroom to do something like they have never done before. DeClue and his students have been redesigning and revamping the “Ghettoliscious” food truck.

  The students designed a layout and completely redesigned the trucks logo. After sending multiple designs to the owner of the truck, they finally decided on the design that was best fit for them.

  After all the supplies needed were bought, they spent roughly $100 on all of it. The students are doing this project completely free of charge for the owner.

  The students painted the truck under the awning of DeClue’s church to keep dry from the buckets of rain coming down. The students had painted every little bit of the design that DeClue sketched onto the truck.

  The students have been working for close to two months now and would like to have it finished within the next week or two. DeClue would like to have it finished before seniors leave so he can have the help of his talented seniors.

  DeClue is very proud of his students and what amazing work they have done because this is a project that could truly

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Graphics Two Revamps the “Ghettoliscious” Food Truck