Recap of Drury’s Architecture Day

Drury has a studio for each five grades the architecture program.

Photo by: Kelli Volonte

Drury has a studio for each five grades the architecture program.

Kelli Volonte, Business Manager

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Every year Drury University hosts a tour of their Hammons School of Architecture for students to experience what a typical Drury architecture student would.

  On Friday, October 6, among several presentations, students learned about the School of Architecture’s accomplishments and requirements. Drury is a small, private campus, and their architecture department has about 170 students spread out over five different grades. Because Drury has an accelerated program, an architecture student can receive their Master’s degree in five years as opposed to six.

  The Dean and Associate Dean of the Hammons School of Architecture, along with the Executive Vice President of Enrollment Management, spoke about the school, different optional programs, and what to expect as an architecture student at Drury University. They gave a breakdown of what to expect each year of the Master’s program. Because the architecture school is so small, students receive an attentive and hands on experience in their classes.

  Drury’s architecture program is also unique because of their dedication to building a strong foundation. Before graphic design was introduced into the modern world, architects build and designed projects by hand. They would sketch the design, make a floor plan, and that would be what the project was based off of. After graphic design took off, the third step turned into transferring the sketch into a graphic design on the computer. Now, most architecture programs go straight to the graphic design step.

  One of Drury’s selling points for their program was the fact that for the first two years of the degree, a student will be taking drawing classes and learning how to sketch and design with paper and pencil. They do that because it builds a strong foundation, so when the student goes to transfer the sketch onto the computer, they make the connection between the two different concepts of design. It allows the student to better grasp the purpose behind both sketching and graphic design, as well as make them better architects. It’s a very important feature of their department.

     The architecture program requires every student to study abroad and complete an internship as well. It’s rare for a program to require both of those. Drury offers spring, summer, and fall opportunities to study abroad between the third and fourth years. Then, during a student’s fourth year, they will intern with an architecture firm and continue to intern for them through their fifth. It’s important for a prospective architecture to have a connection like that after they graduate because it opens a multitude of doors for them.

   Drury offers a unique program for architecture, with the ability to easily double major or minor.

Visit Drury’s website to find information to schedule a college visit.

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Recap of Drury’s Architecture Day