Birch Pointe Rehabilitation Center Opens

In the history of Kickapoo High School, we now have our first neighbor.

Gabrianna Schmidt, Reporter

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As of January 24, 2018, Kickapoos’ new neighbor, Birch Pointe Rehabilitation Center, has announced their grand opening to the public. This 17 million-dollar project has been in motion since late June of 2017 and is now open for business seven months later.

In Birch Pointes’ entrance, there is a glass window that leads into the physical therapy room, where patients who need it, will receive it.

     Reliance Health Care collaborated with Miller Commerce to build Birch Pointe as an addition to the Medical Mile.

In the front seating area of Birch Pointe there is couches and tables for residents and visitors. In the seating area there is a bistro.

     Birch Pointe is a seniors’ rehabilitation center. The three different communities at Birch Pointe are Long Term Care, which cares for patients who plan to stay at the facility for a longer time; Short Term Care, for those who are just coming out of the hospital and need physical therapy before they are able to return home; and Dementia Care for patients who have been diagnosed with some form of memory loss.

  Each community has their own dining and recreational areas along with singular and conjoined bedrooms.

  Administrator at Birch Pointe, Gene Vestal says that he doesn’t foresee any traffic problems in the future regarding the after school and before school rush.

  “You guys just can’t park in our lot due to the transportation of our patients coming in and out,”  Vestal said.

  Receptionist Rachel Mertz has high hopes for Birch Pointe and its long term effects on the community.

Birch Pointe includes conjoined rooms for patients who don’t mind sharing rooms with each other. All conjoined rooms include separate beds, wardrobed and TV’s.

  “I hope our facility brings a new standard of care in the community,” Mertz said.

Birch Pointe Rehabilitation Center, across from Kickapoo is open for business and is now welcoming patients and visitors.

  Birch Pointe is open 24/7 for residents transferring in and out of the facility. There are set times where the residents’ family members can visit them.

“We want to ultimately be a place where the community can come together for their families and loved ones,” Vestal said.
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