Advanced Drama Draws A Crowd

Readers Theater and One Acts bring home several awards from Crowder and show off here at home.

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Advanced drama, otherwise known as Drama II, is a class taken at Kickapoo but goes beyond just a classroom.

One of the main parts of advanced drama are the readers theater and one act plays. Students rehearse and perform these different pieces within several different groups and take them to perform at competition and for people here at Kickapoo.

Readers theater is a form of acting that is entirely portrayed from the actors by their words, actions, and facial features.

“In these performances we don’t use any props and there are no costumes,” director Danielle Sutton said.

This year the two groups from Kickapoo to compete at Crowder Theater Festival were The Exciting and Amazing Adventures of Dash Galaxy and Jumanji. The Exciting and Amazing Adventures of Dash Galaxy is a show similarly based off of Star Trek and is intended to tell the story of an intergalactic group from the future, the piece was written by Mr. Mello who is a director and English teacher at Kickapoo. Jumanji is the original story based off of the book and film that Robin Williams was in from 1995.

The first place winner in readers theater overall went to Jumanji and second place was awarded to The Exciting and Amazing Adventures of Dash Galaxy. Kickapoo also did well in individual awards including best male actor awarded to junior Wesley Bryan, best supporting female actor went to senior Bailey Robinson and best supporting male actor was given to junior Sebastian Blanton.

One act plays are more similar to a play because they include props and costumes, they are more involved than readers theater. and A School For Husbands.

“Bianca is a girl who wants everyone to be like her,” junior Jordan Turnage said.

The show Bianca is a comedy all about her and the show A School For Husbands is about a man who falls in love with a girl but she falls in love with someone else.

At Crowder Theater Festival, Bianca was awarded second place and A School For Husbands received third as well as best costumes. Along with those placements, sophomore Clara Swenson was awarded best female actress.

With all of these accomplishments overall Kickapoo received best in show at the entire Crowder Theater Festival.

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Advanced Drama Draws A Crowd