How Kickapoo can make a difference for a young boy.

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“Josh is a very loving boy, he is so active and loves to play,” said freshman Michele Robertson.

Robertson has gone to The Road Church with Josh for nearly three years and has seen the love he exudes. She is sharing his story here at Kickapoo to help bring awareness in any way she can to get as much help for Josh’s family as she can.

Josh Foster is 7 years old and this past August his life was turned upside down. It was an average day for Josh: he went to school, baseball practice, and came home to finish his day. Before going to bed, Josh laid down and started to have a seizure. The seizure ended lasted nearly twenty minutes causing him to stop breathing and he was then rushed to the hospital. He was thought to be prone to seizures so he was transferred later that night to a specialist at Mercy Hospital in Springfield. These doctors diagnosed him with a tumor and treated him accordingly, but then they sent him to St. Louis for more treatment. There they found another tumor and started chemotherapy.

“On January 9, he had another seizure and at this point they didn’t know what it is,” Robertson said.

Since his last seizure Josh has been hospitalized, going to and from Springfield and St. Louis. He has seen several doctors and been diagnosed with vasculitis, a rare disease that causes blood walls to thicken and narrow which cuts off vital blood supply to tissues and organs. The disease is not genetic but is assumed to be linked to drug use by his biological parents before he was born.

“They’re sending him home but he has to be on a feeding tube,” Robertson said.

The worst part about this diagnosis is that there is no cure. He is being sent home but under the understanding that he doesn’t have more than a year to live.

#Pray4Josh is a movement created by those who love and support Josh and his family. Their goal is to help out as much as they can in this difficult journey. Medical bills have piled up for the Foster family and The Road Church wants to do everything they can to alleviate those costs.

Michele Robertson is selling wristbands at lunch for $3 with all proceeds going to the Foster family. For more information or to find out how you can help, contact Michele Robertson at 417-413-6695 or see the Facebook page #Pray4Josh.

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