ELA Night of Honors

Cassidy Littlewood, Business Manager

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This past Tuesday, May 1, our English Language Arts Department put on its second annual Night of Honors. The event was a time to give credit to students and faculty who participate in all of the language arts areas including English classes, Speech and Debate, Theater, and Journalism.

“About two years ago Mrs. R, our department head, mentioned the idea of doing an ELA night. It would be something to represent all of the kids that write and don’t typically receive awards or recognition for what they do,” ELA instructor Daniel Sutton said.

ELA Night of Honors came to life last year and returned this year with just as much appreciation. Parents, friends, and mentors attend in support of their award winning authors. The library was set up with several displays of all of these programs and their successes. Award winning students from each program were given the opportunity to read their work during the official presentation of the night. Audience members were given a small taste of the work that produced within the ELA department here at Kickapoo.

“We put together ELA night realizing that we are the biggest department in the district, probably also at the state level, and we include four major programs within our department. So we wanted to showcase all of the kids’ talents and all of these different arenas while giving credit to our published authors in THINK magazine,” Sutton said.

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