Fresh, New, Original Dance Themes

Posing with the aftermath of yet another dance. Photo by Brooke Effland

Posing with the aftermath of yet another dance. Photo by Brooke Effland

Posing with the aftermath of yet another dance. Photo by Brooke Effland

Meredith Murphree, Opinion Editor

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With LPA an already distant memory and graduation just under three months away, I’m realizing that I never had the wonderful honor of planning a school dance. Unfortunately, this means that I will never get to use the excellent themes I have come up with over the last four years. Fortunately for you, I am going to share them here. Juniors, take note: these are free for the taking for any of your theme-related needs in the coming school year.  

Fondue—this theme is cheesy, in the good way. The decorations will just be hanging pieces of cheese and pointy metal sticks. Plus, a melty bar. Of melted cheese and other hot melted foods.

The 2000 Election— Celebrate the wonderful confusion of the electoral process while dancing! Decorations are hanging chads and various campaign materials. Added fun: once the LPA king is announced, the crown will go to the other nominee.

Baroque is Woke—Make school classy in a new way and transform the Commons into a majestic ballroom. The music is a live string orchestra and the dance ends with the seeds of revolution being planted and a live reading of Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Du contrat social ou Principes du droit politique. All 59, 520 words of it.

Inferno—the dance floor won’t be the only thing on fire at this shindig! The room will be split into sections corresponding to the circles of hell. No need to hire a band or DJ, the only music will the recorded sounds of students crying.

Lord of the Flies—Beelzebub has a devil put aside on the dance floor! Really, the only decorations needed are a giant conch for the attendees to dance around and pig heads. Nothing says romance like pig heads.        

The Dust Ball—This Dust Bowl themed dance is a great alternative to the so overdone Roaring 20’s dance. The venue is just a hillside and the decorations consist of tumbleweeds and losing the family farm. Bonus fun: in lieu of dancing, attendees can learn valuable agricultural lessons by terracing the hillside.


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Fresh, New, Original Dance Themes