Teachers are Human

An apple ft. the journalism classroom at Kickapoo High School.

An apple ft. the journalism classroom at Kickapoo High School.

An apple ft. the journalism classroom at Kickapoo High School.

Magdelaine Mueller, Reporter

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As the foundation of a student’s success, it is no surprise that teachers are the first to be dehumanized by adolescents. But surprise, surprise teachers are humans.

As students, it is routine to wake up at 6am to be to school by the time the bell rings. We attend classes, complain about the busy work, and write until our hands begin to cramp. Although every student will blame the teacher for all of the work, there is another side to this narrative.

Behind every snooze button, there is a teacher begging to stay in bed for five more minutes. For every assignment handed to the class, there is a teacher regretting all of the classwork that was handed out. And for every hand cramp, there is an educator pulling their hair out because some high school students still do not know the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re.’

Behind every failed grade, that some students will blame the teacher for, there is an educator wishing they could have done more. After all, they teach to see their students succeed just as a student studies to succeed.

And, just as there are students who are not always organized, there are teachers who are disorganized as well. Sometimes educators lose a test that someone worked hard on. Sometimes teachers do not get assignments graded in time to save your grade.

And just like them, there are students that never take the test they were supposed to and students that do not turn in their assignments to help their grades.

Some may say that it is the teacher’s fault for being slumped with papers to grade and students forgetting to turn assignments in, but they are just following the school district’s agenda as closely as possible with assignments they find necessary. And, at a certain point, it is the student’s responsibility to turn in their work because it is what they are supposed to do, not because someone told them to do it.

In the eyes of adolescents, educators have become robots that are expected to be organized, timely, and stress-free. They are given high expectations and shamed if they make a mistake. We need to take a moment to empathize and see from a different perspective to realize that teachers are human.

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Teachers are Human