Where’s the College Prep in High School?

Mario Hackney, Reporter

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Throughout my high school career teachers always told me how high school is in preparation for college.

Last time I checked we didn’t need to know how to pass a high school test for college. Teachers stress how we need to know this to pass a class. How is passing that one test going to help me with college?

  The counselors expect you to deal with the college life all at once and don’t educate you on what dorm life is like.

  The only classes that prepare you for the real world are electives and personal finance. The rest of your time in high school you have to hope a teacher gives you advice on how to live in college and deal with real problems.

  Teachers constantly baby you through work and don’t allow you to think for yourself. Even in some upper level and AP classes I find that teachers don’t let students pass or fail on their own. If you’re in high school, teachers should be utilizing individual work ethic and seeing where everyone is, rather than just lumping everyone together and babying students every step of the way. College professors don’t care if you pass or fail; teachers should be the same way.

  Also not until I was a junior did  I “officially” learn how to take notes. Lucky me for having a college professor as a father, I learned how to take notes in the eighth grade. If I didn’t have this luxury, I would’ve been lost in my biology and chemistry classes. Instead of giving guided notes all the time, teachers should teach how to take notes and save paper.

  There’s no required class at Kickapoo that teaches you how to live while at college. Electives are there to teach you how to cook, how to handle relationships and life skills. But since these classes aren’t required, students enter college without any knowledge of how to handle day to day adult life.

  All in all I don’t see why teachers and counselors don’t teach you how to deal with college life and  classes.

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Where’s the College Prep in High School?