Teachers Take Advantage of Conference Blocks

Isabel Halweg

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Administration is always a stickler for the rules. However when they break the rules we look the other way. It seems like no one questions adults when they do things wrong because “they’re older” and “I’m sure they know what they’re doing”. Just because a person is older or in a place of authority doesn’t mean that people should turn the other way when they do something wrong.

Most teachers are given a conference period and they abuse this privilege. A conference period is a block that a teacher does not have a class to teach. Teachers who don’t have a conference are considered in “overload”. This can be due having so many extra students that a new class is added on. Even though teachers aren’t teaching they are still required to be present.

Recently I have noticed that when teachers do have conference they use it as an excuse to go home early. Conference block is a nice arrangement so that students who need one-on-one help can get it when the teacher doesn’t have a class. When the teacher is gone it is an inconvenience.

The main problem is not that it is bothersome for students but it is the principle that they are breaking the rules. Most people that know me know that I’m not a stickler for the rules. However if teachers want us to abide by these restrictions then they shouldn’t be hypocritical and not follow their own.

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Teachers Take Advantage of Conference Blocks