Netflix and Binge.

Kody Kershner, reporter

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Binge watching Netflix  is a hobby that most teenaagers have come to appreciate, but finding that next new great show can be difficult and stressful. There are a variety of shows to choose from such as Parks and Recreation, How I Met Your Mother and Shameless. These did not quite make the list, but are still quality shows. The top five I have chose are presented below.

  1. Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad is about a high school teacher who is diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer, so to make money for his family he sells methamphetamine. The cancer turns him from a good father and teacher, to a life of crime to support for his family. I consider it the best show on netflix to binge watch.. Seasons: 5. Platform: Netflix.
  2. Stranger things. Stranger things is a show about a young boy named Will dissapearing and his mom and friends  looking for him. They meet a girl who claims to know about Will’s whereabouts, but won’t reveal where he is.  This show is only one season, but has been renewed for a second season. It is the perfect length to binge watch a show in one setting. Seasons:1, but second incoming. Platform: Netflix.
  3. House of Cards. House of Cards is a drama series about the corruption of politics and all the bad officials in the government. Frank Underwood works his way up the ranks of the government to run for president of the United States by destroying people’s lives. This show has it’s ups and downs but is a great series for the most part. This series has four seasons to binge watch and is something I think people would enjoy due to the election happening recently. Seasons: 4. Platform: Netflix.
  4.  The office. The office is a comedy series that consist of inappropriate behavior and ego clashes between coworkers. This show has everything you want in a comedy and will get you hooked from the first season to the last. Seasons: 9. Platform: Netflix.  
    1. Netflix is a great hobby people all over the world enjoy.




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Netflix and Binge.