TV Review: 13 Reasons Why

Rebecca Danley, Reporter

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The Netflix series that shocked the nation a couple weeks ago has a very wide variety of feedback. I however am in between I loved it but also hated it. 13 Reasons Why brought a lot of attention to how people feel about suicide. To me it feels as if no one really cared about suicide before this Netflix series. People would watch every episode with their emotions going crazy, but is it the fact that someone who was torn apart inside with no one to tell that made people finally pay attention to how people feel. I believe that the scene that showed Hannah Baker killing herself triggered a lot of people because it was so vivid and raw. In the end, I couldn’t help but feel depressed that i couldn’t reach into the TV and help her. Would i care if it weren’t someone on TV? Would I still want to help? I think that is the problem; in person, no one would care to help. No one really knows what anyone is going through. I loved 13 Reasons Why because it was raw and there were so many emotions. I feel like there was more I could do or should I say more I can do? This a TV show “ Hannah Baker” Didn’t die in real life but your peers, family, and friends that struggle with depression would really be gone. I believe that 13 Reasons Why showed people that there are things they could do, you can help. You can help just by being nice to people or if you notice something off then you can always talk to the person.

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TV Review: 13 Reasons Why