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Brooke Effland and Heather West, Editors

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For our final review, chicken nuggets were on our minds. We couldn’t think of a better way to go out in style than by going to Chick-fil-A, Wendy’s and McDonald’s for a head to head challenge.

  To start, we went to McDonald’s and ordered a ten piece nugget meal. Our meal came with fries and a drink. Our meal was superb for McDonald’s. The quality of nugs was surprising considering the fact that we haven’t been to McDonald’s in a long time. We got Dr. Pepper to drink and it complimented the nugs nicely. We argued about what sauce to get and the ketchup eventually won out. Our overall score for McDonald’s was a 5/10.

  We headed to Wendy’s next and ordered the same meal. The nugs were tasty and better than expected. We paired them with sweet tea and sweet and sour sauce. The crunch of the nugget and the sauce were a great pair. These nugs were better than McDonald’s and scored a 7/10.

  Our final destination was the much celebrated Chick-fil-A. We ordered the eight piece nugget with Chick-fil-A sauce for Brooke and polynesian sauce for Heather and lemonade. The nugs were delicious and the waffle cut fries were a major plus. Chick-fil-A scored an overall scored of 9/10.

  Overall, Chick-fil-A got first place, because in Brooke’s opinion it is heaven on earth. However, Heather thought that Wendy’s was a very close second.


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