My Days are Numbered

This Chief is outie, y'all.

This Chief is outie, y'all.

This Chief is outie, y'all.

Meredith Murphree, Opinion Editor

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I’ve been going to school at Kickapoo for about twenty years now and my time here is finally coming to a close. Between finals, graduation preparations, and all of the other stuff that goes on at this time of year, I’ve barely had time to really enjoy my surroundings. Not one to be super sentimental, here’s one final list of things I’ll miss about The ‘Poo:

  1. The Pothole

    Love the pothole.

  2. The rainwater drainage problems in the parking lot (Lake Kickapoo is set to be a popular vacation destination this summer)
  3. Old Auditorium, seat D-13

    D-13 has been and always will be the best seat in the house.

  4. The south stairway that smells like a bowling alley
  5. The east stairway that smells like lunch food
  6. The stairway leading to the upstairs gym that smells like sweat and dust
  7. The swimming pool on the roof that is definitely real
  8. The bathrooms that work 100% of the time
  9. The cabinet in the dark room attached to the journalism room that is just labeled “Chemicals”
  10. The Back 40 (obviously, who doesn’t love the Back 40?)Well, that should do it. Thanks Kickapoo, it’s been a good run. Catch you on the flip.
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My Days are Numbered