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Protesters In Ohio boycotting President Trump’s Border Wall.

     The US government was shut down December 22, 2018 to January 25, 2019. No government employees were paid during the shutdown  all because of one man, Donald Trump. This shutdown was because Trump wanted his wall to be built on the southern border with Mexico, and Democrats did not want this wall, and still don’t.

     There have been 58 national emergencies since 1979, most deal with foreign affairs and wars. None have dealt with immigration to this level. Also this is not Trump’s  first national emergency, it is his fourth.

     The National Emergency Act of 1975 it says that the president must outline the specific emergency powers he is using under existing statutes.

     But what is the emergency?

     Over 90% of the illegal drug Heroin that is seized comes through legal ports of entry, not gaping holes in the already existing wall according to the Washington Post. So all of this $5.7 billion dollar plan to build a “Bigger and better wall,” is unnecessary. This wall will not be effective.

     This wall has been emphasized ever since President Trump’s 2016 campaign in which he promised a wall would be built. This is a mere political stunt in order to fulfill a promise that should not have been made in the first place. The President shut the government down for a month in order to prove a point, that he holds power.

     The government approved $21.5 billion dollars in border security and that is not enough? Why couldn’t the President have spent the money then? Or when the government gave the President an additional $1.6 billion dollars for the wall? The money seemingly was spent but not on the wall. Then President Trump came in with the $5.7 Billion dollars for the wall, and when both houses refused the President shut the government down.

     Government workers were not paid during the holiday season and people on welfare were in fear of not having money for food stamps because one man wanted his point to be proven.

     Also an actual national emergency that is not even being talked about is in Flint, Michigan. Their water is still brown and contaminated from the rusted lead pipes. Five years later the pipes are not fixed and  over 100,000 people are exposed to the undrinkable water.

     Yet because Trump promised a wall that is $5.7 billion dollars, in order to tackle an unrealistic goal to stop drugs and illegal immigration and for what?

     So to the people who believe that this is an actual National Emergency realize there are people suffering within our borders, and not just outside of our