Bond Issue Reconstruction

Garrett Peck, Opinion Editor

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Springfield voters voted on a hundred and eighty nine million dollar bond  it was meant to renovate, and in some cases, build entirely new schools.

The renovations planned would be new elementary  and middle school campuses with separate school identities for Pershing, Pipkin, Boyd, Reed, Robertson, Jarrett, Portland. Hillcrest will be renovated to have an increased capacity to twelve hundred  students. Glendale will be renovated for a new gym, career spaces and HVAC. Kickapoo will get a new gym with a promise of future renovations. Jefferies, Pittman, Field, Disney, and Holland all are reportedly getting renovation. Wilder is getting renovation and boundary adjustment with Pershing. This is all according to SPS plan on their website.

The Bond would be paid for by raising property taxes.  According to Springfield Public School’s(SPS) online plan this would mean that a person whose house was worth 100,000 dollars would pay twenty-three  dollars more in property taxes the first year and forty six dollars  the second year. The tax would maintain those heightened levels until the bond  was completely funded than property taxes would be restored to pre-bond levels.

However the bond issue failed, and SPS hired Accurate hunch LLC., a

research company based in Springfield, to conduct polls and to discover why the bond failed in order to have an idea what to do next.

The reasons that the bond failed, are the size of the bond issue both in the amount of money asked for and the number of projects to be undertaken, and many voters prefered to renovate schools instead of building entirely new ones.

Marc Maness, the employee of the Accurate Hunch LLC. who reported to the school board, said that   “This is a time where the credibility of institutions is doubted.”

This indicates a general lack of trust that voters feel towards all levels of government.  Other  factors that were found to affect additional support are being told the exact location of the where the  new schools buildings would be placed and separating all of the projects down into multiple phases with fewer projects being started at once.

Mr. Gerry Lee President of the board of education said  “ [This meeting] is really a matter of understanding what it’s [the information] telling us, we do not want to jump into what’s next tonight it’s just digesting the data, and understanding.”

This means that the voters of Springfield won’t get another chance to vote on a similar bond in the near future.

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Bond Issue Reconstruction