Erosion of our Rights

Garrett Peck, Opinion Editor

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Free speech is a widely held American value. It’s the first and most important Amendment to our constitution, yet it finds itself under attack by ignorant people who do not realize its purpose. It was meant so that all speech could be protected, from the evilest Neo Nazis to the most Innocent childrens show. It was written like that to stop any kind of slippery slope. Our founders believed that government unless carefully controlled would evolve into tyranny.

They strove to create a system of government that was the least likely to make that evolution. They did this by granting the people certain rights that could not be infringed upon. These rights were designed to give the people a great amount of freedom and to give them the power to oppose any government they would consider tyrannical. Lately the true reason for these rights have been slowly overshadowed by the hyper emotional and, frankly, stupid arguments of organizations such as The Anti Fascists.

They equivocate speech that they don’t agree with to be violence. They have even professed to wanting an end to free speech. This is terrifying to me, without free speech  we have no safe way to demonstrate any opposition to the government. Are our feelings really so valuable that we would give up monumentally important freedoms to protect them? The worst part is that these Ideas are becoming more and more mainstream. With more and more people calling for an end to so called hate speech. Not realizing the slippery slope they stand on. When you give the government the power to censor and to stop certain forms of speech. It eventually start to expand what it considers hate speech until we truly have no free speech at all.  

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Erosion of our Rights