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Will Anoai and Cassidy Littlewood, Sports editor and Business Manager

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With track season already starting a lot of the members are look to have the same results as they did last year.

“Yes our main goal is not only have the same results as last year, but also do even better than last year,” said senior William Lynch

Also with returning seniors they look to the younger classmen to fill in the shoes of some great athletes last year; Devin Kruse, Maverick Mcgee, Chris Lawson.

“ I believe that our younger classmen will step up to the plate and who knows some of them might do way better than we expected,” said senior Adrian Davis.

With the younger classmen looking to impress the coaches, the upperclassmen are having some big time people returning, that include three time state qualifier Kennedy Aurentz, state champion Jaden Wiley and state qualifier Cy Warlick.

“ I’m really excited about this season, because I feel like that I can turn some heads this year and hopefully achieve my goal of finally winning the shot put state  title,” said junior Kennedy Aurentz.

So look for the track team to make a big impact this season and make history .

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