Giving Back To The Community

Mario Hackney, Feature Editor

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Summer is the perfect time to contribute to your community. With all the free time you get in the summer you can join an organization or just donate a little bit of time to something you believe you can help with.
volunteering is a great way to feel better about oneself through helping others. It also helps someone appreciate what you have and gets you involved with a community. One could also make new friends who care about the same causes and ideas as you.

 The school year students also have many options to contribute such as key club, the food pantry, Girls for Good, Pay It Forward, RADD, NHS, and many others.  However, during the summer it’s a bit different there are many organizations and groups that offer may different ways to help out. Some of the organizations include Give 5, Ozarks Food Harvest, Community Partnership of the Ozarks, Convoy of Hope, Red Cross, Community Blood Center of the Ozaks and quite a few others.

The Ronald McDonald House

Helping families whilst their child or family member is ill through providing housing, health care, and resources is another way to help others.


The Humane Society
Volunteering with dogs is always enjoyable and a great way to help sheltered animals in our community.



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