Should Dead Week Be A Thing

Will Anoai, Sports reporter

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  A week before the season starts, athletes are getting their mindset to achieve their personal goal. Along with it there are the pros and cons of dead week.

  There are two types of dead week. One that the school district decides on, this is called the summer time dead period. All member schools shall establish a summertime dead period for all MSHSAA-sponsored activities.

  The other is when each sport in different seasons have to give the athletes a week of before the season starts, and it’s mandatory.

  “It’s to give the kids a time away from the sport, before the long enduring season,” said coach Phillips.

  For some athletes this dead period is an amazing thing for them and they really enjoy it.

  “ I love dead week because it lets me spend time with my friends and plus I really need a vacation,” Junior Noah JennerJohn said.
  But there are also athletes that disapprove with this idea of dead week.

  “I don’t see why we can’t  put in the extra work to help us achieve our goals we set for ourselves,” Sophomore Kennedy Aurentz said.



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Should Dead Week Be A Thing