Track team chasing a title.

Will Anoai, Sports editor

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This season the Kickapoo track team is starting off  strong with younger class men, showing their talent and making a good impression to the coaches.

  “I feel like we’re definitely making up for the people we lost last year and I’m super proud of the team,” said juniorAdrian Davis.

   The team’s main goal for this year is to get as many people to state as possible for their events.

    “I feel like this is my year  to really show my talent and prove that I belong with these     elite  athletes,”said sophomore Ethan Bowers.

  With all these goals everything can’t be just given, they have to earn everything in order to reach them and make that dream a reality.

   “I know that this goal is gonna be hard to reach, but I accept the challenge,” said sophomore  Kennedy Aurentz.