Bros vs. Joes

Aaron Sawchak, Reporter

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Soccer is a sport that takes a great deal of concentration and determination. Goalies, especially, need to stay locked in the whole game. Some games come down to penalty kicks, which are gut wrenching moments that can make or break a game.

   We put Kickapoo´s varsity goalie, Jacob Holman (11) up against Will Cantu (11) in a one vs. one penalty kick  challenge. Each player gets a point for either scoring a goal, or saving a goal.

   Cantu stood 12 feet away, waiting to strike, while Holman was against the net anticipating Cantu’s kick.

   Holman got off to an easy start after Cantu shanked the ball and it slowly rolled towards the goal. The goalie takes the lead 1-0.

   Holman then comfortably saved the next 3 kicks to make it 4-0. Being the nice guy he his, Holman then let Cantu score the next 6 goals to make the score 6-4 for the striker.

   Holman then started to showboat thinking he had the win secured after gaining all of the momentum.

   Not wanting him to get much closer to victory, Holman effortlessly saved the next 4 goals to take the lead 8-6. Then Cantu and Holman go back and forth saving  and scoring goals to tie the game 9-9.

Coming down to the final  kick, the pressure was on Holman; can the varsity goalie stop an unathletic baseball player?

  Holman comes up big in the clutch. He  saves the last kick attempt with a little dive to his left. Jacob Holman wins the 1st annual Bros vs. Joes soccer penalty kick shootout 10-9.



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