Beer League Hockey

Zach Bain, Reporter

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Zach Bain

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Beer League Hockey


 Beer League hockey is an ever growing sport in many towns and cities across the U.S.

There are a few variations of Beer League hockey, most being a non-competitive, recreational league for people just looking to have fun but there are leagues that do have conference standings, and championship games.

 Beer League teams are usually funded by sponsorships from local bars, pubs, and taverns. The establishments provide funding to the team for equipment, uniforms, and in most leagues provides team members with free beverages. The most known beer league sport in America right now is softball, both all male teams, and co-ed. Although in the last 5 years hockey has grown to be one of the most played, and enjoyed Beer League sports out there right now. If you have the chance to take in a Beer League hockey game, my advice is do so as they are very entertaining.


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Beer League Hockey