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Kody Kershner, Sports Columnist

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The summer of sports will host the NBA finals, the MLB regular season and the World Cup.   These three events should carry sports fans into the fall while they wait for the return of College Football, College Basketball, and the NFL. The NBA finals viewership has increased over the past five years, The MLB is at its peak with pitchers more dominant than ever and hitters hitting more home runs than ever, and the world cup is always a big headliner when the time for it comes. The issue with the World Cup is that for the first time since 1986, the United States will not be participating due to not qualifying. This will hurt viewership across America, but for those who still watch will still see the best players in the world playing for their respective countries.

The NBA finals have been the Warriors vs the Cavs for the past three years. Those three years it has almost been guaranteed they would face off. This year they are once again the favorite to make it out of their conferences however, they have a lot more competition with the Rockets, Thunder, Raptors, and the 76ers. Nov every series has some meaning to it. This will make the playoffs more intriguing to watch and have people watching before the final series.

The MLB season will be one dominated by the games best players and have a new style of player brought to the game. Shohei Ohtani is the first player since 1920 to both start games pitching and hitting. He will pitch every fifth day and hit every other day. He will bring a lot of attention to the Angels and will redefine the term valuable. The Yankees own the most powerful offense in baseball and should provide entertainment across the entire. Look for stars such as Mike Trout,  Bryce Harper, and Shohei Ohtani to gain major sports media attention for how well they are playing.

The summer of sports will be an entertaining and exciting period. It doesn’t have everybody’s favorite sports, but there will still be something for somebody looking for a sport to watch. Some of sports biggest stars will be featured and will always put on a show for those watching.

Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony are talking during a free throw. Photo courtesy of Tribune News Service.

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