FBI Exposes NCAA

Kody Kershner, Sports Reporter

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The NCAA FBI probe is one of the biggest scandals in sports that will shake the college basketball world for years to come.
This multi-year investigation finally had some findings as in February the FBI released its report on it. Numerous big name schools such as Arizona, Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, and North Carolina have been linked to the FBI investigation. Some allegations have had steeper accusations than others. There is also already been some fallout to these accusations. Some parents have been accused of receiving payments as well as players. Miles Bridges from Michigan State could not practice until the NCAA cleared him a couple of days later. Deandre Ayton and Sean Miller drew negative press when a audio recording was released of Sean Miller discussing a 100,000 dollar payment to Deandre Ayton to get him to go to Arizona. Sean Miller took a leave of absence for a week before returning to coaching after nothing official was confirmed.  Wendell Carter has also had to deal with opposing fans taunting him about being involved in the scandal.

This is only just the beginning as no harsh punishments have been handed down and they are not done investigating. NCAA president Mark Emmert was quoted as saying “Everybody from me on down is deeply committed to making big, significant changes,” Emmert said. This could come down hard on some programs resulting in sanctions such as loss of scholarships, vacating wins and titles, and a postseason ban. This will be something top college basketball programs will not take lightly and will be on the lookout for the foreseeable future. Multiple schools will be expected to receive some form of punishment Wins will be vacated, championships will be vacated, coaches will be fired, and recruits will be lost. Most of the student-athletes featured in this scandal will go play professionally soon and will never see any sort of punishment. Although if some athletes stay, they can be counted as ineligible until the NCAA does more investigating.

This scandal could affect more people than who are involved in this. There has been talk of the NCAA tournament being put on hold until everything is resolved. Future recruits could consider other options such as going to the NBA G League and Overseas to help further develop their basketball game and get paid. This could also affect the conferences as some

Miles Bridges shoots a contested jump shot over a Penn State defender. Photo Courtesy of Tribune News Service

Legereald Vick and Bill Self are talking during a time out. Photo courtesy of Tribune News Service.

of the best teams in the power five conferences will not be able to compete at that same high level.

The college game is losing their amateur calling and will look to crack down hard on those ruining the reputation they had built on the college game being an amateur game.

They have kept that reputation for over 70 years and will not go lightly on these coaches and schools.

This upcoming season will be filled with multiple allegations, recruits having to sit out due to being ineligible, and some coaches finding out they no longer have their job.