Be Careful With After School Traffic

Rory Taylor, Reporter December 11, 2020

Traffic after school at Kickapoo is as bad as ever as everyone is rushing home. On Friday the 4th of December, there were multiple car wrecks on Campbell Ave just down the street from Kickapoo. The backup...

Boys Cross Country Team Ranked 4th in the State

October 23, 2020

After the cross country meet at Ha Ha Tonka State Park the boys placed second, right after the number one team in the state, Rockbridge. The Kickapoo boys cross country team is now ranked 4th in the state.

Safe Ways to Celebrate Halloween

October 16, 2020

The Coronavirus wants to take away our good times so let’s show it who's boss by celebrating Halloween safely this year with these three ways to do so. Easiest out of all, buy candy. It might not...