Kickapoo in the Community

Kickapoo in the Community

KHQ Staff December 17, 2021

KARE Team This year, the Kare Team helps out in the food pantry and provides meals for families throughout the Kickapoo community. Each month, members go into the food pantry and check expiration dates...

Junior Jaidyn Wasson

Six Years Free

Julia Klein, Reporter December 15, 2021

   Sophomore Jaidyn Wasson woke up to an unusual lump on her neck that predicted an unforeseen future. Wasson was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma Cancer in the summer of 2015. She was ten years old...

Find fun holiday gifts like this at Five-and-Below!

Five-and-Below Holiday Finds

Julia Klein, Reporter December 15, 2021

What Makes Fall... Fall!

What Makes Fall… Fall!

Emma Washburn, Reporter October 21, 2021

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of fall is cool, crisp, and enchanting. The way the wind blows through the autumn leaves, the nights where the temperature drops to 40, and you can see...

Maggie Miller (12) paints pumpkin.

Pumpkins of Kickapoo

Gracie Marsh, Reporter October 21, 2021

For the last week, students carved and painted pumpkins for Halloween! Come take a look at the best ones!

Sigma Nu fraternity house

Greek Life

Caylee Howser, Reporter October 18, 2021

There is a paper thin line between lifelong brotherhood and the toxic culture that can be perpetuated in a fraternity. On the Missouri State campus every corner you turn there is a different fraternity...

Final Stress

Maya Hernandez , Reporter May 14, 2021

   School almost out, meaning that finals are right around the corner. Finals week can be stressful and overwhelming. Disorganization is the main source of stress. Misplacing notes, assignments, and...

The Hills are Alive

Spotify playlist pairings for 417 summer hiking adventures
Kambria Braithwaite, Reporter May 10, 2021

In the 417 area, there are hundreds of beautiful hiking locations right at our fingertips. Here are four convenient and beautiful summer spots, each with a corresponding playlist to listen to as you...

Freshman Elise Pope poses with her salted caramel and coffee flavored
frozen yogurt, topped with chocolate chips and chopped peanuts.

Dating on a Budget

Dates don't have to be expensive.
Maya Hernandez , Reporter May 7, 2021

   Coming up with ideas for fun dates without spending too much money can be a challenge, especially during a global pandemic. Here are some fun date ideas and locations that won’t break the bank and...

Volunteer Opportunities in the Area

Madilyn McClure, Opinion Editor April 30, 2021

Volunteering is an important part of our community that allows people to branch out and help those in need. Volunteering is also a requirement for some programs at Kickapoo. As essential an act as volunteering...

Plasma Donation: Is this the New Way to Make Money?

Maggie Miller, Copy Editor March 12, 2021

Struggling to find money, many high school students over the age of 18 have looked to plasma donation for some extra cash. Plasma donation is the process of drawing blood and separating the cells from...

Overcoming Writer’s Block

Simple, yet profound ways to overcome a lack of creative inspiration.
Kambria Braithwaite, Reporter March 11, 2021

Writer’s block happens to even the best writers among us. When it takes hold, it can feel paralyzing. Whether you have a final paper due at midnight, or you’re simply trying to get your creativity...

Image courtesy of MCT Direct.

Why do we Wear Green on Saint Patrick’s Day?

Kylie Burks, Beats Coordinator March 11, 2021

Every March, we celebrate a very green holiday. The holiday is called Saint Patrick’s day, and it originated in Ireland around the ninth and tenth centuries. The holiday marks the death of Ireland’s...

Sophomore, Gabby Burgess, holds an American flag proudly under a scenery of a blue sky.

More Than Material and Music

Answers to why we stand in front of the American Flag during the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem.
Emilia Belcolore, News Editor March 9, 2021

I remember when I was young repeating over and over the Pledge of Allegiance with my mom because it was mandatory for all the kindergarteners to have it memorized. Ten years later, and schools around the...

4 Siblings Overnight

Caylee Howser, Reporter March 9, 2021

 Sophomore Vanessa Maturey went from one to five siblings overnight. In 2018 her life changed forever.    Maturey grew up in a picture perfect family. A mother, father, and two kids, her and her...

Designer at a Discount!

Josie Eiffert, Editor in Chief March 5, 2021

  Keeping up to date with popular name brands should never come at an extreme cost. Here is a list of trendy items and their fraction of the cost Amazon dupes;    LuluLemon has been a commonly...

Environmental Club Is Back

Maya Hernandez , Reporter March 5, 2021

The Environmental Club is up and running. Being back four days a week has allowed the Environmental Club to start meeting once again. The club is meeting on Thursdays after school in room S101. "It is...

Spring Break Activities

Are you finding yourself without Spring Break plans? If so, there are plenty of activities available in town.
Maggie Miller, Copy Editor March 5, 2021

Springfield Lake With this shockingly warm March weather, there is no excuse to not be outdoors. There are various activities to do on the lake like fishing, kayaking, hammocking, or even hiking the...

The Power of Misinformation

Reading is believing. Right?
Kambria Braithwaite, Reporter March 5, 2021

Misinformation has infiltrated every part of society: through our news cycle, our social media, our political arena, and every other branch of access. It influences our very perception of the world,...

Our Next Student Body President

Madilyn McClure, Opinion Editor March 5, 2021

Election week was a busy week for Junior Orlando McElderry, who was running for the position of 2021-22 Student Body President. There was a list of things for each candidate to do, and the pressure for...