Are You Eco-friendly?


You’re environmentally friendly!

You tend to recycle whenever you can, and like keeping the Earth a clean place.

You could work on being more environmentally friendly!

#1 Do you go out of your way to recycle?

#2 Have you ever littered?

#3 If you see someone litter, would you pick it up and discard of it properly?

#4 Do you turn the sink off while brushing your teeth?

#5 Do you turn the lights off when you leave a room?

#6 Do you donate old clothes or throw them away?

#7 Do you throw away left over food instead of eating it later?

#8 Do you eat a lot of meat?

#9 When you go to the store, do you bring your own cloth bags or use the plastic bags provided?

#10 Do you choose to drive or walk?

#11 The majority of the time, do you eat out, pick up, or cook?

#12 Do you use disposable dishes? (paper, styrofoam, etc…)

#13 Are your showers over ten minutes long?

#14 Do you buy clothes new or go to a thrift store?

#15 Do you read paper copies of books or e-books?