The Kickapoo Chiefs and Lady Chiefs have enjoyed success over the recent years, but not on their home field. Jose Florez Field, home of the soccer Chiefs has been completely renovated. With Primrose Street widened to five lanes in the next year the soccer field that lies next to Primrose had to be moved over 30 yards. The field was supposed to be completed by May of 2018 but in May of 2019 the field it is still under construction. The field was delayed because of they lost the surveying points of the field two times. The survey points make the field at a one degree grade. Also the sod laid on the field was shorted two trucks delaying the field by months. On top of the the irrigation system was not properly done then delaying the construction even more. This past fall season for the boys and spring for the girls all practices and games have been on the football field. Soccer coach Phil Hodge was hoping to be back on the grass field by the fall but had to be on the football field. “In the fall we had practice at 6 in the morning working with football’s schedule and the girls have to share with track. It isn’t ideal but we make it work,” Hodge said.
With all of this happening over the past year and a half the field is near complete. The soccer chiefs will finally be on Jose Florez field in the fall. The field now has a locker room for the Chiefs and Lady Chiefs with the benches connected to the locker room. There are also new bleachers for fans to sit on. Also the goals are not planted in the ground like the old goals were so the players can move them off the field. The field is fenced all around the field and this will hopefully defer people from getting on the field. “Before anyone could get on the field and now with the fencing people can’t. This will keep our field in the best condition and it will be the best before it used to be,” Hodge said. The field is about to be handed over to the school and by the fall the boys will be playing on the new grass field for the first time. “It is an exciting time to be a Chief, I’m really excited for this new facility. I think it’s going to be the nicest in the area,” Hodge said. Now the soccer Chiefs get their home back and look to have a bright future on their new facility.