Best Morning Drink

   How do you start your morning? Do you prefer a coffee or an energy drink? How about boba tea or a coke? Some say energy drinks taste better and are more beneficial with helping them stay focused. Others say coffee because they can go through drive-thru quick and easy. Or even soda because they don’t like the taste of either coffee or energy drinks. Boba because it’s a healthier alternative and they like the tapioca filled balls. No matter the form, people use caffeine in the morning to get them awake and ready for the day.

Sophomore Teigan Benson drinks his monster energy drink that he brings almost everyday.

“I like the taste better,” Benson said.


 Sophomore Jensen Hainline enjoys his Dunkin Doughnuts Coffee.

 “I like the way it taste and it gets me going for the day” Hainline Said.



Sophomore Haylee Griffin drinks her Dunkin  Coffee in the morning

” Dunkin is my favorite thing ever” Griffin said.





Storey Law (Left) Drinks Alani Gabby Williams (right) Drinks Celsius.

“I Like the flavor and it gets me going” Law said.

“I like the flavor it’s like an energy drink doesn’t make me shake” Williams Said.