Spring Sport Standouts


These athletes of Kickapoo are having a great spring season. Here’s what they do.


Hart Hillman- Tennis- “I like to push myself past my limits so I have as much success as I can when I compete, I feel like im having a great season because of what Im doing it is definitely paying off.”


Anderson Underwood- Varsity  Baseball: “I do a throwing program and I like to get some extra hitting practice in, All of these programs and extra hitting I do I’m definitely seeing improvement on the field.”



Jalah Woolbright- Girls Soccer: “I like to watch film to see what skills I can improve on, I also like watch pro games and learn from them, This season has been great for me because of all the estra work im putting in.”




 Easton McLachlan- Track & Field:  “During the summer I train three day a week and I run AAU track meets, When the season comes around I try to do extra work outside of practice, and I play extra sports to stay in shape.”