STUCO 2021-2022 Recap


   Second semester really picked up for student council, they have done many things this year, from dances to blood drives.

   We’ve recently had our first dance of the year, Courtwarming,  on March 25th. “This year’s LPA is the first one for all sophomores and the first dance since 2019. Student council and Cabinet are working hard to make it extra special,” Alex Clawson said.

   April 7th was Mr. KHS where the performance was based on male talents with a dog show theme. “The purpose of putting on the production was to raise money for our charity of choice, Rescue One,” Cayden Danzer said.

   The most recent and last blood drive of the year was on April 14th. The Ozarks Blood Center helps student council put on the blood drives. Many students and staff members over the age of 16, choose to save many lives with just a slight poke in their arm.

   One of the next big things they put on was the Special Chiefs Olympics. This was the first time in two years that the student body got to cheer students.

   The last spirit week was May 9th, 10th, and 11th. This was the Seniors last week of school and Cabinet knew they needed to go out with a bang. Monday was Kpoo gear, Tuesday was college wear, and Wednesday was dress up.

   These events are just some of the things that student council has put on this semester.