Whataburger Comes to Springfield

   Whataburger, a popular fast food chain, has officially opened in Republic Missouri as of Monday, December 12th.  Many local residents are excited to try this new burger joint. This Texas restaurant chain is famous for its burgers and sandwiches, but also has a variety of other items on its menu. Whataburger contains a lengthy menu of breakfast menu items along with its classic lunch menu. Two other Whataburger restaurants around the Springfield area are currently in construction and set to open soon.   According to the Whataburger website, the three locations are on; 1355 US Hwy 60 E, Republic, Mo, 1851 Marler Ln, Ozark, Mo, and finally 3880 W Sunshine, Springfield, Mo.  The other two restaurants are expected to be up and running later in 2022, with more Whataburger locations expected to be popping up in the 2023 year. Not only does this fast food restaurant spark conversation around the 417, but it will also open up over 660 opportunities for employment, according to the Whataburger website.

Whataburger on Sunshine, Springfield Mo