Store to Raise our Spirit

An example of a t-shirt the store might sell

Photo by Lainey Adler

An example of a t-shirt the store might sell

  If a student wants some attire to show off their school pride, they don’t really have any options here. Comparatively, Central or Glendale students can pick up some school logo boasting apparel anytime from their in-school store.

   The Marketing II class is here to solve that problem. Business teacher, Mrs. Posegate and her students are currently working on opening a store here at our own school.

   “Every high school has one besides ours,” Mrs. Posegate said.

   The marketing students are split into four different groups and each of them are designing products, logos, and advertisements for the future store.

   “We have T-shirts, bags, tumblers and a few other things so far,” senior marketing student, Jack Creehan said.

   In addition to designing products, the students have also been conducting surveys in order to learn useful information about the student body. 

  Students have been surveying about things such the name of the store, how often students would visit, or whether the store would help to raise school spirit or not.

   “Over the summer, they would build the store over by the library in that open space over there, but that’s not completely for sure. Initially though, we would just sell during lunch, and we’d also have a mobile cart that we could sell from,”  Creehan said.

   Apart from those mentioned earlier, there are quite a few other names that the groups have been considering, such as “One Tribe” or “The Wigwam”. Eventually, the class will come together, and collectively, decide which name they think is best.

   As well as having a physical location, there’s also a possibility for an online store.

   “A website could make things like payment easier, and I think it could help to reach more people,” junior marketing student, Nathan Coons said.

   Just like any business, this store also needs a way to spread the word. So, students have been designing social media ads in order to inform people about the store.

An example twitter post advertising the store. (Photo by Alea Burks)

  As far as making the products themselves, the students have used a multitude of online resources such as Custom Ink or Amazon to design the items.

   So far, the store and all things surrounding it are in a prototype phase. The only thing certain is that, in due time, we will have some place to buy clothes and other items, that can show off our love for the school we call home.