A SnoNut Review


SnoNut is a little known secret you should go and try.

   Many of us have probably been driving down Campbell and seen the SnoNut food truck in the Bair’s parking lot.

   However, despite driving past it on a regular basis, it still remains a little known secret that many have yet to try. I decided to try SnoNut myself for the first time to get an idea of what they have to offer. 

   SnoNuts menu offers an array of drinks, “snocones”, and sweet treats that can come with many different toppings. Upon recommendation I tried what SnoNut is known for, the eight count of the mini donuts which I got with a chocolate drizzle. I also got a blue “snocone” which comes in one size that is similar to a typical solo cup. 

   The mini donuts are made fresh right in front of you, which in my case allowed for the chocolate drizzle on top to melt all over the donuts. They were not greasy. The “snocone”, which is packed down and filled over the top of the cup, can come in an array of flavors. I chose blue raspberry. Unlike snow cones I have gotten at other places, SnoNuts actually flavors theirs so the flavor goes all throughout the cone, not just on top. 

   The total cost was $11.31 for both items: $6 for the eight count donuts and $4.50 for the snowcone. I would say that the snowcone was priced good for the size you get, however the donuts were a little on the higher end considering they are mini, but the fact that you get to pick the toppings you want, I would say that it is generally worth it. 

   Overall, I would give SnoNut an 8/10 rating. The food was decently priced, considering the size of what you get. Since many of us pass it each day whether it be when coming home from school or on our way to another activity, and I would strongly recommend you stop and give it a try.